TNA Impact Wrestling Refused to die

TNA Impact Wrestling Refused to die

TNA Impact Wrestling Refused to die, We have seen newly emerged AEW has taken many superstars from Impact Wrestling. It was speculated that Impact Wrestling will not going to survive the WAR between WWE and AEW. But, Impact Wrestling’s management didn’t give up and continued the show with limited superstars.

On 18 July 2020,Slammiversary Impact Wrestling revealed that they have hired several WWE superstars who were fired in April 20 amid Covid 19. It was a huge announcement as they have sent message to AEW and WWE they are in competition.

Impact Wrestling’s history formerly known as TNA

When Vince McMahon bought WCW in 2001,  there was no big competition for WWE. So, In 2002, Jeff and Jerry Jerret started NWA-TNA, then in 2004 NWA and TNA split and TNA gained popularity on it own. In 2017 Anthem Sports purchased the TNA and rename it as Impact Wrestling.

How is Impact Wrestling managing the hard competition from AEW?

We are mentioning 5 strength of Impact Wrestling for this question.

1. WWE’s top superstars are former TNA made superstars:

AJ Styles TNA
AJ Styles TNA

We all know that currently WWE most wanted superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Robert Rood, Jon Moxley are from TNA currently known as Impact Wrestling, they have spent many years with TNA. So, fans know this promotion has produced good superstars in the past and will produce for the future as well. Like WWE, AEW is also using its talent like Lucha Brothers (Fenix and Pentagon Jr.)  and LAX.

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2. Superstars are signing with Impact Wrestling over AEW for better opportunity


In Slammiversary 2020 we got to know that Impact Wrestling has signed EC3, Heath Slater,Good Brothers and Motor City Machine Guns We already know that how WWE ruined EC3’s career. WWE made him jobber. WWE didn’t provide him proper opportunity to showcase his talent.

This is the reason most of the superstar are currently preferring working with their small promotion regardless of they are getting offer from WWE.

3. New Experiment in promotion:

Impact Wrestling do not fear any experiment in the promotions, They are giving free hand to wrestlers in their contracts First Good Brothers AKA Karl Anderson and Luke Gallow can wrestle in NJPW with Impact Wrestling. Second EC3 promoting himself as FreeEC3 means he will fight in Impact at on his term, Third we saw heath slater with Free Agent T-shirt.

So they are providing new and fresh story lines. AEW is sticking with old stories and they are evolving around Chris Jerico, Cody Rhodes. Impact Wrestling trying to create many storylines for every superstar so that every can get better opportunity. ACE Austin’s Bad Boy image, and new superstar Ethan Page are the example of Impact Wrestling’s grooming.

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4. Cost Cutting

When everyone was living TNA AKA Impact Wrestling they cut out the extra expenses and moved to smaller locations. They are using their ring setup at full.They are trying to giving quality wrestling with low budgets, but it doesn’t mean that they are not spending on Wrestlers. They are paying competitive contract amount to their superstars.

5. Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC

Anthem Owned the Impact Wrestling and with this in mind it is not a small corporate body in the industry. They have a huge amount of money and they are not going to close impact wrestling in the coming year, they are restructuring the Impact Wrestling.

On the positive side, they are working hard to give competition to WWE and AEW, and in the near future we are certain that we can see some big changes in this promotion.

We would love to see the three angle competition in the Pro Wrestling, i would be great for industry and superstars.

Good competition always deliver good content for the fans.

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