Cody’s offended comments on FTR, FTR speaks

Cody’s offended comments on FTR, FTR speaks

FTR previously known as The Revival in WWE, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler joined the recent Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast. Where they revealed Cody’s offended comments on FTR.


Cody’s offended comments on Revival

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have been keeping good relations with Cody and young bucks. During the podcast they revealed that Elite were making fun of them when they were working in NXT. But, they didn’t mind and enjoyed their comments.

“I think that the perception is that we have been friends with these guys for years and we were okay with them doing that. We’ve had discussions with them and discussions with Cody as well. When they first started the whole FTR thing, that really didn’t bother us as they’re trying to make a name for a couple of guys who are carrying tag team wrestling. For so long they carried tag team wrestling – I’ll give them that. But then here comes two 5-foot-10 North Carolinians who don’t have to go out there and do ‘Too Sweet’ and superkicks and all that nostalgia stuff. We go out there and work and we grab the audience’s attention. I think they got a little jealous of that and that’s okay, as I said, we’ve had discussions about that.”


Cody’s offended comments on FTR

Keeping the above in mind, Cody again made comments on FTR and this time Dax and Cash are not happy on Sam Roberts’ podcast. He said FTR would have to practice their matches.

These comment just hurt the FTR and Dax and Cash responded on it

“I have never – in over 15+ years in this glorious business – have I ever practiced a wrestling match. For Cody and The Young Bucks to say that we were practicing for weeks, that was a little too much for me. So the FTR thing – whatever – but don’t try to discredit our legacy.”


FTR is a great tag team featuring Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, they asked for release from WWE in may month and WWE granted their release. They debuted in AEW and saved The Young Bucks. In the next week they fought their first match against The Butcher and The Blade.

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