AEW loses 3 Week in a row against WWE NXT

AEW loses 3 Week in a row against WWE NXT

AEW loses 3 Week in a row against WWE NXT, AEW had been getting higher viewership than NXT for a long time, but it looks like Triple H strategies are working well.

On 08th Jul 2020 NXT got viewership of 759000 and AEW got 715000, 01 Jul 2020 NXT got 792000 and 748000 and 24 Jun 2020 NXT got 786000 and AEW got 633000.

NXT has been ahead of AEW for the last three consecutive weeks in viewership. Although viewership gap is reducing.

Gap for 08th Jul 2020 was 44000, 01st Jul 2020 was 44000 and 24th Jun 2020 was 135000.

Gap of 135000 has reduced to 44000 only. AEW fans should be happy to see this reducing the gap between NXT and AEW.

On the other hand NXT fans would always want to be one step ahead of AEW.

Below are the last 5 viewership details for you.

08 Jul 2020 – NXT 759000 AEW 715000

01 Jul 2020 – NXT 792000 AEW 748000 

24 Jun 2020 – NXT 786000 AEW 633000

17 Jun 2020 – NXT 746000 AEW 772000

10 Jun 2020 – NXT 673000 AEW 677000

You are a die hard fan of AEW?

Then, we have good news for you.

NXT won the viewership but in the ratings AEW was on 07th Position and NXT was on 24th position.

you can clearly see that the gap between both rankings are good. So, it going to be hard for NXT to keep winning viewership and reduce the gap for ratings

See last week’s ratings.

If you are a fan of both shows, then just wait for more entertainment in NXT and AEW.

If both promotions fight each other, only fans would win in this game as they will get more and more good matches.

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