WWE star debuts on AEW Dynamite July, 29 2020

WWE star debuts on AEW Dynamite July, 29 2020

Former WWE star Zack Ryder debuts on AEW Dynamite on 29th Jul 2020 and helped Cody, Zack Ryder was among those stars who got fired from WWE amid Covid19 pandemic. Zack Ryder and Cody also maintain friendship out of the ring.

Matt Cordana took time to debut on AEW

You would probably think that if Zack and Cody are friends. Why Matt Cordana or Zack Ryder took so much time to appear on AEW Dynamite weekly show.

WWE contracts usually don’t allow their wrestlers to fight at least 2 month after the contract expires or terminate. On April,15 2020 WWE released Zack Ryder and Other WWE stars, so if we calculate July,15 2020 was the end of non-compete clause in the contract.

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Interestingly, There is no news about Zack’s officially signing with AEW, but as Zack and Cody are friends from WWE time, it was speculated that Zack probably would be signing with AEW.

Remember the name Matt Cordana because this will be the new identity for Zack Ryder AEW.

Matt Cordana first match in AEW

Matt Cordana will be fighting his first match on next wednesday with Cody against Silver and Reynolds.

Stay tuned with AEW, you will be enjoing a good match next week featuring Matt Cordana and Cody.

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