Mick Foley support EC3, WWE “missed the boat”

Mick Foley support EC3, WWE “missed the boat”
  • Mick Foley extended his support to EC3.
  • WWE has “missed the boat” with EC3, Mick Foley said

WWE released EC3 in April 20 due to covid 19 breakout in the world, After the release EC3 started his campaign  #FreeEC3 and “Control you Narrative”. This compaig lit the fire in the hearts of fans. They started wondering what next for this gigantic wrestler.

Impact Wrestling Signed EC3

To make an Impact, Impact Wrestling announced Slammiversary 2020 would feature several superstars who were released from WWE on April 20. On July 18, 2020 EC3 cleared the doubt about his future contract with AEW or Impact Wrestling. He made a brief presence in Slammiversary 2020 and he left a message to wrestling fans with his intense looks.

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Everyone has been appreciating his gimmick and new aggressive look since he was released from WWE, he urges everyone to step out of others’ influence instead make your influence in the world.

Mick Foley Support to EC3

Mick Foley “WWE Hall of Famer” also praised EC3 in his recent tweet, he compared EC3 with Robert Maillet. He said they both look alike and EC3 is the next “Kurrgan” and WWE has already missed the boat with EC3.

“Have #EC3 and #KURRGAN been the same guy all along? Has anyone seen @Robert_Maillet & Ethan Carter III in the same place at the same time? Just one man’s opinion, but I think @WWE really missed the boat with #ec3”

Mick Foley supports to EC3

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We also think that Ethan Carter III could have been used in a better way in WWE. But WWE didn’t realise his ability. Everyone wanted to see EC3 in a feud with mega stars like John Cena, Roman Reign and The Viper Randy Orton. Now, fans only wonder if this would have happened in WWE.

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