Will WWE fulfill Bobby Lashly’s Birthday wish? Bobby Lashly Vs Brock Lesnar

Will WWE fulfill Bobby Lashly’s Birthday wish? Bobby Lashly Vs Brock Lesnar
  • Will WWE fulfill Bobby Lashly’s Birthday
  • Can we ever see Bobby Lashly Vs Brock Lesnar

On 17 July 2020 Bobby Lashly again revealed his desire to fight with Brock Lesnar, It has been two years since Bobby Lashley is back in WWE and waiting for this match.

Retweeting the WWE’s tweet about his birthday he wrote:

“Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, Same as last year, my only wish is for @BrockLesnar to finally get in the ring with me.”

Bobby’s Tweet
Bobby Lashley wish to fight Brock Lesnar

On June 24th 2020, Table Talk w/Dvon, Mo, Lindsey & WWE’s Lashley he said:

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“I think that’s something that needs to happen, whether they do it or not. At one point in time, they were teasing it and they wanted to see where it went, but at that time he was in a knee-deep feud with Roman, and Seth was coming behind, they already had things lined up for him. I think the time for this fight is now, my character is really developing into who I am.”

Bobby Lashley’s achievements.

  • 4 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2 time ECW World Champion
  • 1 time WWE United States Champion
  • 2 time WWE Intercontinental Champion
  • 1 time TNA X Division Champion
  • 1 time TNA King of the Mountain Champion

Source: wikipedia

Interestingly, despite having undeniable talent he didn’t win any WWE Championship. This would be the next target for Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley’s tweet explained several things, WWE always overlooked him and didn’t provide him the opportunity he deserved. For example, Drew McIntyre always struggled to beat him in TNA but due to storyline Bobby had to lose in WWE.

Does Vince Mcmahon or WWE writers want Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar?

Vince will want it to be a huge match, this is the reason whenever Bobby lashley gets a chance to fight with Brock Lesnar, WWE turns the story and gives his chance to small wrestlers like Ricochet. Because Brock Lesnar wanted to have a short fight, it would not be the case if Bobby was there.

So, you will see  Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar someday for the WWE championship, and it will be a hell of a match. Both are the trained MMA and pro wrestlers.

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