Results: Impact Wrestling Aug 2, 2019 (08/02)

Surprisingly Fallah Bah beat Moose in Impact Wrestling Aug 2 2019.

Aug 2 2019: Moose claimed himself a best star in Impact Wrestling and humiliated wrestlers in his ring and was trying to takeover the show. He was very concerned about how has he been treated in Impact Wrestling for the last couple of weeks.

he was trying to prove that he is the best wrestler in the entire locker room and disprested everyone in the locker room but in fighting with fallah bah, fallah bah end his rampage and gave message to him he is not only the best wrestler in the company, others are also doing hard work day and night. it was very surprising to see how did impact wrestling use fallah bah as he had never given chance in big matches.

Madman Milton w/ Semi Callihan Vs Tessa Blenchard, Tommy Dreamer saves tessa Impact Wrestling Aug 2 2019.

In a match with Madman Multan, Tessa Blenchard use every move to defeat him but he is very strong to beat by Tessa, Tessa created a momentum but Madman gave her chokeslam and Sammi Callihan provided him chair to beat her but Tommy Dreamer came to rescue but Madman caught him then Tessa help him with sticks and saved him.

This match ended with no result but gave everything to fans to enjoy every moment of the match.

But these kind of match can hurt Tessa Blenchard, Impact Wrestling should use Tessa with caution because injury chances are very high in this kind of matches.

It would be great Tessa Blenchard Vs Sammi Callihan in coming weeks for No. 1 contender for World Heavyweight championship against Brian Cage.

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