Results: Impact Wrestling Jul 26, 2019 (07/26)

Impact wrestling providing good content every week to their fans, last week was good as we can see many cards in that event.

Mysterious Man Revealed

Mysterious man disclosed his identity and it was the Rhino returning to Impact wrestling and attacked Michael Elgin although Michael Elgin managed to attack duplicate masked man, but it was the set up for Elgin.

Jake Crist beat. Rich Swann

Rich Swann lost his X-Division championship to Jake Crist,

LAX’s Santana out on the wrestling after hurting himself in Slammiversary 2019, Konnan find a temporary replacement Daga to partner with Ortiz. Daga is a huge name in the independent pro wrestling, LAX reportedly departs the company, it would be great to see how impact would use his wrestlers.

The Rascalz have earned themselves another opportunity at the World Tag Team Championships, they will compete next week against The North. Dez and Wentz never win the Championship.

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