WWE News: Seth Rollins Accepted Braun Strowman Challenge for WWE Universal Championship

WWE News: Seth Rollins Accepted Braun Strowman Challenge for WWE Universal Championship

In the 27th Aug 2019 Raw edition, Seth Rollins accepted the challenge of Monster among men Brawn Strowman during the backstage interview with Sarah Schreiber in clash of champion

In the summerslam seth rollins after the losing WWE Universal Championship with the encashment of Money in the Bank Contract by Brock Lesnar. He beat Brock Lesnar second time in SummerSlam and again become the WWE Universal Champion. 

First time he beat the Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania 35 and shocked everyone in WWE arena and after in Summerslam he beat him again and proved, it was not just luck in Wrestlemania 35.

After the summerslam and two  week ago when seth rollins picked a fight with AJ Styles then Seth Rollins got outnumbered by the OCs and AJ Styles.

The Monster among man came and save the day for Seth Rollins, following week of RAW addition Seth Rollins and Brawn Stroman fought for WWE RAW Tag Team Championship and defeated the OCs and became new TAG Team Champions.

Now, he has already accepted the challenge of Brawn Strowman and he also currently holding the RAW Tag Team Championship with him. It would be great to see how they both will fight each other in Clash of Champion.

We all know that Brawn Strowman is Monster and he can destroy anything which come in  his way, as Seth Rollins has accepted the challenge, he will be needing the strategy to beat him because his finishing maneuver might not work with Brawn Strowman.

Please let us know your view on WWE Universal Championship, will Seth Rollins beat Brawn Strowman?

Clash of Champion Schedule

Clash of Champion will be held on 15th of September 2019 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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