WWE fired / released Superstars Amid Covid-19

WWE fired / released Superstars Amid Covid-19

Amid Covid-19 WWE has fired / released several superstars to settle their budget in this hard time. It is heartbreaking news for all WWE fans. We were expecting this from Vince Mcmahon because the Company was operating with low revenue due to lockdown.

Below are the superstars who are released by the WWE.

  1. Karl Anderson
  2. Luke Gallows
  3. EC3
  4. Rusev
  5. Lio Rush
  6. Drake Maverick
  7. Heath Slater
  8. Eric Young
  9. Curt Hawkins
  10. Aiden English
  11. Sarah Logan
  12. Erick Rowan
  13. Mike Kanellis
  14. Maria Kanellis
  15. Primo
  16. Epico
  17. Zack Ryder
  18. No Way Jose

It is a very hard time for professional industries, although WWE allowed to run their live show as Gov Ron DeSantis considered WWE an essential business.

Now, Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment can run their show in Orlando in a closed arena without fans because of this amendment.

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But, even this was not enough to save the jobs of several superstars in WWE. These superstars are showing their feelings on twitter.

Kurt Angle thanked to WWE in his tweet

“I wanted 2 say thank you to the WWE for the time I spent there. I made many new friends and had the opportunity to work with so many talented people. To the Superstars, continue to entertain the WWE Universe as well as you possibly can. They’re the best fans in the world.”

Kurt Angle Tweet
Kurt Angle Tweet after WWE Release

Furthermore, WWE also fired Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Amid Covid-19. though, they were the part of the match against Undertaker in Wrestlemania 36. They performed well there.

Zack Rider also shared his feelings with a painting of his Wrestlemania event.

Zack Ryder Tweet after WWE Release

Apart from above, WWE has also furloughed several superstars.

Below are some tweets from these stars

Heath Slater Tweet after WWE Release
Drake Maverick Tweet after WWE Release


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