Randy Orton Vs Edge Rivalry : Royal Rumble to Backlash

Randy Orton Vs Edge Rivalry : Royal Rumble to Backlash

Randy Orton Vs Edge Rivalry started in the Royal Rumble when Edge returned after 9 long years in WWE. He teamed up in Royal Rumble with Randy Orton and eliminated some of superstars then Edge surprisingly eliminated Randy Orton as well.

Edge Returning after 9 years
Edge Return in Royal Rumble

Randy Orton didn’t like that move.

RAW after Royal Rumble

Randy Orton attacked him with the chair. He attacked him on his head which left him unconscious. Edge didn’t show up for several RAW episodes in which Randy Orton attacked Matt Hardy and Beth phoenix to justify his attack on Edge.

Edge Returns

He returned on the RAW and challenged him for Wrestlemania 36, Randy Orton criticized Edge’s big ego and accepted his challenge.

Randy Orton Vs Edge in Wrestlemania

They used everything in the performance center to beat hell out of each other. Edge used submission and beat Randy Orton in Wrestlemania.

Edge defeated Randy Orton

Edge beat. Randy Orton in Wrestlemania 36

Randy Orton After Wrestlemania

Due to his loss in Wrestlemania, Randy Orton appeared after some RAW segments and challenged Edge for the greatest wrestling match in Backlash. Edge accepted the challenge.

Randy Orton Vs Edge in Backlash 2020

As expected they started the match in classic way, they used everything to beat each other, we saw Christian’s Impaler, The Rock’s Rock Bottom, Triple H Pedigree and Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s submission move in the same match. After bearing 2 spears, Randy Orton managed to survive. Vice-Versa Edge survived 2 RKO’s.

At the end edge tried the Wrestlemania submission but Randy Orton dodged and hit him on his skull with his leg and managed to win the match Backlash 2020.

This win made their score even 1-1, we will soon be going to witness the final match of their rivalry.

Are you excited to see their final Match. Comment below.

Bad News: Reportedly Edge had severe injury in this match. So, he could be unavailable for some time for Next Match against Randy Orton. We have to wait for some time to see the final match between these two legends.

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