Randy Orton Rivalry Against Kofi Kingston: 5 Reason for Randy Orton to win

Randy Orton Rivalry Against Kofi Kingston: 5 Reason for Randy Orton to win

Randy Orton Rivalry Against Kofi Kingston quite exciting these days, everyone wants to Kofi Kingston to win because he is a hero and he should win. but we are giving why will be WWE allowing, 5 Reason for Randy Orton to win in Clash of Champions.

1. SmackDown Moving to Fox Network from Oct 2019:

We all know that Fox will be broadcasting WWE SmackDown from Oct 4th 2019. This is the reason Fox will be needing a legend to be a WWE Champion to gain more viewership. In past months we have already seen down in viewership of RAW and SmackDown. So, Fox will be wanting to have strong champion to carry on their viewership as per their standard.

SmackDown on Fox 4 Oct 2019
SmackDown Fox

2. AEW Weekly Taping Starts from Oct 2019:

We all know that AEW is nearest competitor to WWE and WWE won’t allow AEW to grow with good script. This is the reason WWE will use his best wrestlers and scripts to overcome AEW competition.

AEW 02 Oct 2019
AEW 02Oct

3. WWE Legacy Group Reborn

Legacy group was created by Randy Orton with Cody Rhodes and Ted dibiase,  and this group had ended many careers. Legacy group dominated the WWE at that time. Now, WWE trying to create another group like Legacy. Revival will take place of Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. It will surely boost the viewership of WWE SmackDown Live.

4. WWE Championship Change Required

Kofi Kingston is WWE Champion since Wrestlemania 35 and WWE will be requiring new WWE Champion to create more storylines for WWE universe. It is provided that Randy Orton is legend and one of the fittest superstars in WWE. So, Randy could be champion for some time in WWE.

Kofi Kington Champion
WM 35

5. SmackDown Ratings Vs Raw Ratings

We all know that RAW always dominates the WWE taping and SmackDown always comes of 2nd Number, Fox will not be happy is this continues and WWE will be trying SmackDown live stand with RAW equally to satisfy his Broadcaster.

These are the 5 reasons for Randy Orton to win please let us now your view, if you have another reason to win Randy Orton.

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